Tucson Mud Run..minus one important ingredient

My good friend Candice took the pictures and I haven’t gotten them yet. Once I do I will post some pics. The run was good, but it was minus one important ingredient..MUD!! There was no mud at all and not as man obstacles as they had advertised. I only paid $25 through Living Social, but there were people that paid $60 day of! I would have been one angry lady had I paid that much!!! Next mud run I do will be a real mud run, with lots and lots of mud!!


After the run.. we went bathing suit shopping. After many suits and small bottoms, I finally found two. I had originally thought about going to Anthropologie, but it turns out they don’t sell swim suits in the store. So we went to the mall. Finally at Victoria Secret I tried on two, and for the price of the one I wanted, I got them both. They are very cute! If I build some more confidence there may be some pics here.

After that I went to dinner with my very good friend Dara. She was down for the weekend from California! It was great to see here. I will be there in two months to spend my 30th birthday with her!

Today we have two parties to go to! I will be back on later to share these with you Smile


What’s a hike without some battle wounds?


That’s right my readers.. that is a spider under a cup. I’m going to talk about my hike from this weekend in a minute, but first things first. I HATE spiders!!! They gross me out so much that I can’t bring myself to kill them. So I put them under a cup or a tupperware, until someone that loves me comes over and gets rid of it! I suggest this to everyone! Smile with tongue out


The hike to Finger Rock was very steep!! My hiking partner left me in the dust..haha.. I told him to because I was struggling. It was a lot of heavy breathing and thighs on fire. At one point when I turned a corner, I swear, a mountain lion was purring or growling at me!! He would have chased it to pet it, so I picked up the pace to keep up to him. About halfway up the headache begin, but me being stubborn insisted on waiting until the top.. The sight at the top was beautiful! It was well worth it.


So close to the top and a root sticking out of a rock reached out and grabbed my leg!! He was more concerned about it than me.. it is looking better now! Doesn’t even hurt!


This weekend is the Mud Run! I’m very excited..After that we are going to go bathing suit shopping for me.. I dread it to the umptenth degree!! I haven’t worn a swim suit in years! Wish me luck all!!

So the new guy.. he is a my polar opposite, but we match so well. He is a lot of fun and makes me laugh. I’m not the girl to have the conversation of where is this going or what are we doing. I go with it and see where it takes me. Smile 

My promise to you, as my reader, is to post once a day! I haven’t been getting on here as much, because I don’t have school work! But I promise I will post one blog a day!!

Until tomorrow =)

WHY!? Can I consistently blog??

I wish I could say that I was busy doing important or exciting things..but reality is that I was finishing my semester strong!!  Four B’s and an A.. I’ll take it!! Three week break is my reward. Smile


This is one book I will be reading during my break. I’m about halfway done and Tina did a great job! I love her blog. (thanks for posing for the pic Mom!)


This is one of my running paths.. it has trail and track (obviously!) It is a good, quick four mile run.. I met a new guy and he has quickly become one of my running buddies. He challenges me to do various cross training for my runs. We are accomplishing this hike on Saturday..Wish me luck. http://www.tucson-rocks.com/finger_rock.asp


My new challenge, from the new guy (which we will call Beckman, until further need) is to drink a whole gallon of water a day.. It is not an easy task. I never back down from a challenge. So my question is, how much water do you drink in a day? As a runner or active person?

Easter, Mumford, and Relaxation!

Starting on Saturday, I had a hard speed training with my old shoes.


I felt the pain in my knee the second I started to walk.. Not very good Sad smile Plus it was hot..so needless to say I developed a migraine. So I had to treat myself to Starbucks and new shoes.


Then it was off to Mumford and Son’s..It was a nice day and CROWDED!! The kids and I enjoyed every minute of it.


They arrived on a train!! It was very exciting!


My personal Easter Bunny!! It was soo cute. He actually went on my run for me, about a 1/4 mile.  The run was very nice. It’s interesting how a different path can make such a huge difference. I have been in a running slump! Stopping a lot earlier than I need to..so it made me decide to do a trail run this weekend.


It was an exciting weekend with great family and kids! Well off to write a paper and sleep for yoga tomorrow. Smile

Happy Earth Day!


I don’t know any better way to start my morning. I absolutely love the Green Tea latte at Starbuck’s. Since they are giving away free coffee in a reusable mug today, I thought I would start with my favorite drink. Not to mention the Morning Bun.Winking smile It taste like Pan Dulce (my favorite Mexican bread)!

I’m so excited to see Water for Elephants with my Mom tonight! I’ve been anticipating this movie for months!! I will definitely write about it tonight when I get home.

One more day until Mumford and Sons! It’s going to be amazing.  Well off to do some homework before the movie..

Today’s word: Inspiration..It is all around us and in us.. It means to have an attitude and an outlook.  

question of the day:  What are your big Easter plans?

All in a Wednesday..


I started my day a little rough! I felt nauseous all morning. I pulled through and went to school. Class was a little interesting, we were studying psych disorders, by far the easiest chapter.  I got to have coffee with my good friend! It was such a nice surprise.

Then it was off for the races.. I had to run to school and put together next weeks schedule. Had lunch with my beautiful, friend Candice. Chipotle was so good..I remembered to take the picture half-way through the meal. I’ll be better about that tomorrow.


I drove to Yoga Oasis after! The instructor was amazing.. I almost mastered the crow pose! Very nice. I had all intentions of running after my  Anthro test, but it took entirely too long and decided to just come home. Sad smile I’m hoping to get back to a run on Friday after work. It will be the hotter part of the day though and I get migraines in the heat.. need to build up that tolerance..

Happy note though, I get to see Mumford and Sons on Saturday! I ‘m uber excited!! It is the beginning of an awesome weekend.  Until tomorrow!

Maybe this will stick..


That’s me! There is no need to wonder what that is between my boobs, it is a shot! This is just a glimpse into my weekend. Since this is the first blog, it’s going to be a lay out about me.

I’m a student at the University of Arizona. I’m about to embark on my Senior year..and get this! I’ll be thirty in August!! Delayed start?? Yeah you could say that, but never too late! I study Family Studies and Human Development. I love my major! It is exactly where I need to be!

I’m an avid runner! I run at Reid Park several times a week.. I’ve done several races, but also struggle with it at the same time! It’s a love-hate relationship. I also do yoga three days a week (at least!) I love Yoga Oasis! It is such a great studio! If you haven’t been, check out their website!

I’m a proud Mom to two wonderful children, you probably wont see their pictures on here though. You will get to learn all about them and the quirky things they do! I absolutely love food!! All food, healthy and junk, you will get exposure to both!

So F.R.Y is, food, run, yoga! FRY me everyday!! I look forward to our new friendship!!