WHY!? Can I consistently blog??

I wish I could say that I was busy doing important or exciting things..but reality is that I was finishing my semester strong!!  Four B’s and an A.. I’ll take it!! Three week break is my reward. Smile


This is one book I will be reading during my break. I’m about halfway done and Tina did a great job! I love her blog. (thanks for posing for the pic Mom!)


This is one of my running paths.. it has trail and track (obviously!) It is a good, quick four mile run.. I met a new guy and he has quickly become one of my running buddies. He challenges me to do various cross training for my runs. We are accomplishing this hike on Saturday..Wish me luck. http://www.tucson-rocks.com/finger_rock.asp


My new challenge, from the new guy (which we will call Beckman, until further need) is to drink a whole gallon of water a day.. It is not an easy task. I never back down from a challenge. So my question is, how much water do you drink in a day? As a runner or active person?