What’s a hike without some battle wounds?


That’s right my readers.. that is a spider under a cup. I’m going to talk about my hike from this weekend in a minute, but first things first. I HATE spiders!!! They gross me out so much that I can’t bring myself to kill them. So I put them under a cup or a tupperware, until someone that loves me comes over and gets rid of it! I suggest this to everyone! Smile with tongue out


The hike to Finger Rock was very steep!! My hiking partner left me in the dust..haha.. I told him to because I was struggling. It was a lot of heavy breathing and thighs on fire. At one point when I turned a corner, I swear, a mountain lion was purring or growling at me!! He would have chased it to pet it, so I picked up the pace to keep up to him. About halfway up the headache begin, but me being stubborn insisted on waiting until the top.. The sight at the top was beautiful! It was well worth it.


So close to the top and a root sticking out of a rock reached out and grabbed my leg!! He was more concerned about it than me.. it is looking better now! Doesn’t even hurt!


This weekend is the Mud Run! I’m very excited..After that we are going to go bathing suit shopping for me.. I dread it to the umptenth degree!! I haven’t worn a swim suit in years! Wish me luck all!!

So the new guy.. he is a my polar opposite, but we match so well. He is a lot of fun and makes me laugh. I’m not the girl to have the conversation of where is this going or what are we doing. I go with it and see where it takes me. Smile 

My promise to you, as my reader, is to post once a day! I haven’t been getting on here as much, because I don’t have school work! But I promise I will post one blog a day!!

Until tomorrow =)