All in a Wednesday..


I started my day a little rough! I felt nauseous all morning. I pulled through and went to school. Class was a little interesting, we were studying psych disorders, by far the easiest chapter.  I got to have coffee with my good friend! It was such a nice surprise.

Then it was off for the races.. I had to run to school and put together next weeks schedule. Had lunch with my beautiful, friend Candice. Chipotle was so good..I remembered to take the picture half-way through the meal. I’ll be better about that tomorrow.


I drove to Yoga Oasis after! The instructor was amazing.. I almost mastered the crow pose! Very nice. I had all intentions of running after my  Anthro test, but it took entirely too long and decided to just come home. Sad smile I’m hoping to get back to a run on Friday after work. It will be the hotter part of the day though and I get migraines in the heat.. need to build up that tolerance..

Happy note though, I get to see Mumford and Sons on Saturday! I ‘m uber excited!! It is the beginning of an awesome weekend.  Until tomorrow!