Easter, Mumford, and Relaxation!

Starting on Saturday, I had a hard speed training with my old shoes.


I felt the pain in my knee the second I started to walk.. Not very good Sad smile Plus it was hot..so needless to say I developed a migraine. So I had to treat myself to Starbucks and new shoes.


Then it was off to Mumford and Son’s..It was a nice day and CROWDED!! The kids and I enjoyed every minute of it.


They arrived on a train!! It was very exciting!


My personal Easter Bunny!! It was soo cute. He actually went on my run for me, about a 1/4 mile.  The run was very nice. It’s interesting how a different path can make such a huge difference. I have been in a running slump! Stopping a lot earlier than I need to..so it made me decide to do a trail run this weekend.


It was an exciting weekend with great family and kids! Well off to write a paper and sleep for yoga tomorrow. Smile