Easter, Mumford, and Relaxation!

Starting on Saturday, I had a hard speed training with my old shoes.


I felt the pain in my knee the second I started to walk.. Not very good Sad smile Plus it was hot..so needless to say I developed a migraine. So I had to treat myself to Starbucks and new shoes.


Then it was off to Mumford and Son’s..It was a nice day and CROWDED!! The kids and I enjoyed every minute of it.


They arrived on a train!! It was very exciting!


My personal Easter Bunny!! It was soo cute. He actually went on my run for me, about a 1/4 mile.  The run was very nice. It’s interesting how a different path can make such a huge difference. I have been in a running slump! Stopping a lot earlier than I need to..so it made me decide to do a trail run this weekend.


It was an exciting weekend with great family and kids! Well off to write a paper and sleep for yoga tomorrow. Smile


Happy Earth Day!


I don’t know any better way to start my morning. I absolutely love the Green Tea latte at Starbuck’s. Since they are giving away free coffee in a reusable mug today, I thought I would start with my favorite drink. Not to mention the Morning Bun.Winking smile It taste like Pan Dulce (my favorite Mexican bread)!

I’m so excited to see Water for Elephants with my Mom tonight! I’ve been anticipating this movie for months!! I will definitely write about it tonight when I get home.

One more day until Mumford and Sons! It’s going to be amazing.  Well off to do some homework before the movie..

Today’s word: Inspiration..It is all around us and in us.. It means to have an attitude and an outlook.  

question of the day:  What are your big Easter plans?