All in a Wednesday..


I started my day a little rough! I felt nauseous all morning. I pulled through and went to school. Class was a little interesting, we were studying psych disorders, by far the easiest chapter.  I got to have coffee with my good friend! It was such a nice surprise.

Then it was off for the races.. I had to run to school and put together next weeks schedule. Had lunch with my beautiful, friend Candice. Chipotle was so good..I remembered to take the picture half-way through the meal. I’ll be better about that tomorrow.


I drove to Yoga Oasis after! The instructor was amazing.. I almost mastered the crow pose! Very nice. I had all intentions of running after my  Anthro test, but it took entirely too long and decided to just come home. Sad smile I’m hoping to get back to a run on Friday after work. It will be the hotter part of the day though and I get migraines in the heat.. need to build up that tolerance..

Happy note though, I get to see Mumford and Sons on Saturday! I ‘m uber excited!! It is the beginning of an awesome weekend.  Until tomorrow!


Maybe this will stick..


That’s me! There is no need to wonder what that is between my boobs, it is a shot! This is just a glimpse into my weekend. Since this is the first blog, it’s going to be a lay out about me.

I’m a student at the University of Arizona. I’m about to embark on my Senior year..and get this! I’ll be thirty in August!! Delayed start?? Yeah you could say that, but never too late! I study Family Studies and Human Development. I love my major! It is exactly where I need to be!

I’m an avid runner! I run at Reid Park several times a week.. I’ve done several races, but also struggle with it at the same time! It’s a love-hate relationship. I also do yoga three days a week (at least!) I love Yoga Oasis! It is such a great studio! If you haven’t been, check out their website!

I’m a proud Mom to two wonderful children, you probably wont see their pictures on here though. You will get to learn all about them and the quirky things they do! I absolutely love food!! All food, healthy and junk, you will get exposure to both!

So F.R.Y is, food, run, yoga! FRY me everyday!! I look forward to our new friendship!!